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We are focused on keeping your data safe

Whatever the size of your project or the nature of your data, security and privacy are part of the service we deliver.
Source code displayed - isahit ensures the security of your data

Your Data are
Technically and Contractually Secured

1. Where is your data?

All media data (images, videos, sounds, pdf...) are stored in France (Paris Area) on Amazon AWS via S3 services and therefore use AWS security protocols that are GDPR compliant. Our Clients are also entitled to choose the country where they want their data to be stored.

2. How to share your data?

We give the possibility to our clients to keep their data on their own servers and share via our API the URLs to read the resources on our platform. With this process, our clients can also have pre-signed URLs, which means, making visible the resources for a given time on Isahit Platform (from few hours to few weeks). Our clients have therefore full control on their data as they can decide when to give access or not.

3. How secured are your data on our platform?

All our platform URLs are encrypted using https protocols. The URLs of each data/task are randomly designed which makes it impossible for a robot to scrape the data on our platform.
We also perform pen-tests using external Cyber Security Services to identify all potential threats that might arise while deploying new features or versions.

4. How compliant are we with GDPR Protocol?

Isahit is compliant with the GDPR regulation for the processing of personal data in Europe and outside Europe. In addition to the existing technologic security protocol, Isahit has set a legal frame: Service Provision Agreement to outline the relationship between the Client and the Service Provider.

Data processing Agreement that states the rights and obligations of each party concerning the protection of personal data.

Standard Contractual Clauses that state the rights and obligations of each party concerning the processing of personal data between the three parties: the Client, The Provider and the Subcontractor.

5. Workforce & data assignation

Data labeling tasks are randomly distributed, one by one through the platform to the annotators working on Client’s project. An annotator only sees one task at the time and once processed, it’s impossible to view it again. By adding multiple contributors on the same project, contributors will only access a very small portion of the dataset until the completion of the project.

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